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We are the only UK Company that is recommended by MetroCount to carry out site laying training.

There is a difference between a survey being carried out cheaply and survey’s being carried out at a low rate.

We offer services from supply of materials to the supply of trained survey staff.

We carry out traffic surveys, either manually or by Automatic Traffic Counters. We offer training of staff to carry out surveys by ATC (approved by MetroCount), and offer advice on other survey techniques

We carry out surveys for businesses that may not have a geographical presence in London and the South East, or require us to subsidise their equipment stock, on large projects.

We work for; County Councils, Local Authorities, TFL, other survey Companies, private individuals.

We have more than 120 MetroCount ATC's

We have 10 Radar counters, unfortunately every time we used the Radar Counters the data was so disappointing we were asked to resurvey using the MetroCount loggers

We regularly attend meetings to promote MetroCount equipment, meeting with, Senior Management of companies based in Britain and County Councils, Foreign Dignitaries.We have even demonstrated the MetroCount Loggers to the Transport Minister of Uganda

More importantly we could be working for you.

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Martin Wilderspin
Managing Director
Victoria Simpkins
Office Manager
Clive Wilderspin
Consultant, Nobal

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